A passion since 1975 !

The founders of the company Driss
and El khamar TAIKI

 Carreaux andalous is one of the major distributor of De Luxe And traditional cement tilings the    world. We carry a very impressive quantity of cement tilings. You ought to visit us before    taking a final decision!

Our company operates primarily for the renovation of floor and wall tile cement.

  This is the heart of activity of the Company.
 Equipped with the most qualified workers and have the first matter the most successful.
 We adapt to each type of surface
  Tiles intricately was very popular in Europe between buildings 1850 and 1950. They are also     found in palaces and prestigious buildings.

35 years in the cement tiling

PDG, Abdelrrahim TAIKI

After close to 35 years in the trade, we are in an excellent position to advise you with regards to your decorative cement tilings requirements.

You want to give a prestige touch to your home?
Carreaux al andalous is the place to go for marble

Our showroom is one the most comprehensive exhibition display in Morocco. You will be amazed to see our selection in terms of quantity and variety.

The most important place for you to relax should be pleasant to look at… Let us make of your fireplace a very exclusive art work !

 At  carreaux al andalous Taiki, we have access to all possible means necessary to create a the drawing of cement tiles Whatever you      are building : a new or renovating an existing one, make sure you see us first.

   Cabinet tops, Bathtubs surroundings, showers … there is nothing you may not allow yourself ! There is no limit to what you can do with your       bathroom decorations!

  While cement tilings is giving your washroom a fancy and Traditional atmosphere, it can be used as surface for any purpose. You will benefit      from an exclusive decor when using til technique as a tool to your imagination and creativity.

    Let your imagination and ...
   Stand Out!



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